Is Warren Buffett Buddha?

Is Warren Buffet Buddha Reincarnated?

The other evening I’m reading about spirituality issues related to Buddhism and Yoga. And I’m deep in focus, taking it all in, and trying to make sense of what are to me new ideas, new ways of thinking, novel perspectives that may help me better understand myself and my connection to this world we live in.

So I’m about an hour into absorbing this material when my brain starts drifting, nudging me, distracting me with other thoughts. And before I know it an image of Warren Buffet floats by and then I’m thinking, well that’s odd, why would Warren Buffett, the most successful investor ever, inhabit my mindspace when I’m focused on learning more philosophical issues? Unless … yes, unless his entering  my mind was not random, unless it was meant to be because … hold your breath a moment here … because Buffett is Buddha. Okay, now breathe.

Here’s a brief version of how the story played out in my head. After a couple thousand years, Buddha decided to get back into the game of life as we know it. To get his message out there, he needed someone who had wide reach, unquestionable credibility, who would talk and people would listen, who valued honesty, humility and hard work. At first, Buddha considered Bernie Sanders. But, he decided, Bernie leaned too far toward the firebrand category. So Buddha popped up in Omaha, Nebraska, in the form of Warren Buffett, who not only learned and espoused these values through his mid-western upbringing, but added genius and wisdom to the mix.

Oh right, ha ha, sure, Warren Buffett is Buddha. Good one. Now, when you emerge from whatever smoky haze you’re in, please continue with sharing your thoughts about investing.

Buffettism – Buddhism? … Tomato – Tomata?

Okay, I get what you’re saying. But the thing is, I wasn’t smoking anything funky, and the only liquids I drink are filtered water, smoothies and juices from a home juicer. Totally wild, that’s me. Listen, all I ask is that you consider that both their names start with the letters ‘B’ and ‘U’ (Coincidence? You decide), that Buffett is now 85 years of age and his mental capacity remains light years ahead of most 30 years olds (you see, Buddha reincarnated no longer ages), and his history of imparting wisdom through a long list of  Buffettisms (three of which are noted below in italics). Consider all this then decide for yourself who may be behind the mask of the so-called Mr. Buffett:

The most important investment case you can make is in yourself. In other words, it’s essential to know who you are if you are to be a successful investor. Ties in quite nicely with Buddha’s thinking that self-awareness is the highest form of knowledge.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Meaning, it would be good of us to thank those who came before us, and who provided for us; to be grateful for what we have, and to give back to future generations so they too may enjoy some shade.

In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love. Let’s stretch this one out and expand it beyond the world of business. Do what you love and you are by definition successful.

All good and true and informative. But three quotes from Buffett and all of a sudden he’s Buddha?

There is more. Much more. But this blog is not intended as a Buffett biography.

I still say you dreamed up this nonsense after taking a fastball to the noodle.

Alright then, is Buffett really Buddha? More importantly for you, do I, the creator of this self-professed respectable and seemingly sane blog believe it to be true? Nah. I’m just messing around. Then again, what do I know about reincarnation? Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t .

I will say this: regardless of whether Buddha is Buffett or whether Buffett is a student of Buddha, both of them have so much to offer in the way of teachings about the big picture of investing, teachings that often spill over onto the broader canvas of life.