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    First off, this forum is all about connecting BuddhaMoney members and providing a space to share information and opinions.

    That said, while you’re having fun in here, keep in mind that your financial circumstances are specific to you. So, while this forum may act as an information resource, you do not want to rely exclusively on advice posted here; it’s always wise to consult a financial professional about your particular situation. And you certainly do not want to rely on anyone who offers investment performance guarantees (certain government bonds are as close as it gets to backing up guarantees; other investments always carry risk).

    Ask questions, offer answers based on research and fact, discuss, discuss, discuss … and in the process enhance each other’s knowledge.

    Our Rule: Be Kind

    We expect BuddhaMoney members to play nice in this sandbox we call our Community Forum. For those who wander outside the boundaries of respect and kindness, well, that just isn’t in keeping with the purpose and spirit of this blog.

    In keeping with the Rule of Kind:

    • All posts are to be respectful in words and tone.
    • Should you find a post disagreeable, remember that you have the option of letting it go, and not responding.
    • Should you read a post that you believe is spam or violates any law, please contact us. Spam, along with any sort of self-promotion, is not welcome.

    Rule Enforcement

    Rule of Kind violations are interpreted as disrespect to our community members. In the event of a violation, at our sole discretion, you may be:

    • Issued a warning that the Rule of Kind has been violated along with a request to refrain from any further violation.
    • Temporarily excluded from further Community Forum postings for a period of time to be determined in our sole discretion.
    • Permanently excluded.

    You will be advised of the nature of any violation and the accompanying enforcement action.

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