BuddhaMoney - Ken Finkelstein
Alright, let’s get right to the heart of the matter: why am I writing this blog? Straight answer: I want to prune the blather, the excessive noise that inhabits the world of finance and investing.

Because people just want to know how to manage their money, how best to save, invest, and grow their wealth. So how do you figure out what information is helpful or harmful? How do you filter the talking heads? How do you know who is flash and who offers substance? Who is biased, pushing their own agenda, selling you products / services? Who should you trust? Who is truly looking out for you?

That’s where I come in, giving back in the guise of BuddaMoneyLama, my benevolent, learned, and ever so furry alter-ego.

Having inhabited our planet a smidgen longer than a half century, accumulating bits and dollops of knowledge and experience along the way, it is now my calling to reveal, to share, what is known as … the Revelation Equation (catchy name, isn’t it?).


And though it would make for a better story, I cannot claim to have gained awareness of the Revelation Equation while meditating among monks within the grand halls of a Tibetan temple, or while hustling and bustling alongside Wall Street herds.

Rather, the only place I had to look was within myself. And when I did, I awoke to a fantastically simple truth:

calm mind = balance = wealth

Admittedly, not exactly an Einstein-like discovery that will get me nominated for a Nobel Prize. Still, for our purposes, I humbly assure you that plugging into this equation will work wonders for your peace of mind and your portfolio.

After reading my posts, I encourage you to share your thoughts, contribute to the discussion, and become part of the BuddhaMoney community. In this way, we help each other Find Balance and Be Wealthy. And that’s what this is all about.

Now, a little bit of a historical tour about me. After graduating from law school and gaining admittance to the New York State Bar and British Columbia Law Society, I began working as a lawyer. In the early 1990s, I set up my own law firm in Vancouver, Canada, where my practice concentrated on corporate law, securities law and estate planning. Before the century turned, my first child arrived and it wasn’t long before I learned that there is no more difficult / rewarding / exhausting / joyous responsibility than parenting. Not one to shy from a challenge, the ensuing years brought two more baby Buddhas into my arms.

In the early 2000s, I hung up the lawyer hat and founded a business consultancy, advising on issues related to finance, management, and private equity investing. Soon after, friends and family asked if I would manage / invest their money. I agreed, relishing the opportunity to grow other people’s considerable sums of dough.

The business, and the money management sideline, were doing well, the kids were happy and healthy, life was good. Then, the universe tossed a curveball my way because, hey, it’s important to shake it up once in a while. In 2007, my marriage crumbled, ending in divorce. For those of you who have journeyed through untying of the knot, you understand that the process can be trying. However, the universe knows a thing or two. And now I do too: struggles are good for the soul, often leading to personal growth, strength, and more bountiful spirit.

My world has since expanded in many ways. With the creativity tap turned on, I wrote and published my first fiction novel, and wrote non-fiction for several financial publications. Then, a few years ago, I met an amazing woman who accepted my marriage proposal little more than two months after we first shared a cup of magical mint tea and a slice of enchanting blueberry pie. And during this time there was yoga. As one thing often leads to another, the practice of yoga led to learning about the philosophy of yoga which led to learning about Buddhist teachings, including meditation, all of which continue to contribute to my personal growth and financial know how.

Wishing you Balance and Wealth,